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British Columbia Ferries
Brock University Tunnels
Buffalo Central Terminal (first trip, no luck, frozen, a sad day)
Buffalo State Hospital
Central Church
Central Tech Tunnels (first peek, tour)
Chair Warehouse
Chicago Lab School Tunnels
Crowne Plaza Hotel
Dundas Pit
Eaton Centre (basement, rooftop, construction)
Edgar Occupational Centre
Festival Hall Construction
Fisher Plant
Flatiron Building
GLF Grain Elevators
Gooderham Building
Gooderham and Worts Distillery (trip one, trip two)
Grande Hermine
Hamilton Harbour
Howard Park Pentecostal
Hudson's Bay Centre
King Edward Hotel
Krishna Temple
Knox Church
Lawrence Attic
Martyrs Shrine
Majestic Garage
Masonic Temple
McGill University Tunnels
Medical Arts Building
Merchandise Building (construction, rooftop)
Michigan Central Station
Molson Brewery
Montreal Abandonments
OCAD Expansion
O'Keefe Brewery
Osgoode Hall
Park Drive Drain
Parking Garage
Pratt Institute
Rochester Subway Tunnels
Royal Conservatory of Music
Sheppard Subway Construction (first trip, Don Mills, Leslie, Bessarion, Bayview, Sheppard, western tracks, final trip)
Sheraton Hotel
St. Clair Drain
St. Lawrence Hall
St. Michael's Hospital (abandoned wings, group visit)
Stelco Plant
Toronto Churches (batch one, batch two)
Toronto General Hospital (empty bits, rooftop, steam tunnels, locked in)
Toronto Union Station (steam tunnels, D6, roof, defeat, group visit)
University of Toronto (Trinity, North Borden, tunnels, eye bank, main tunnels, blackout)
Victory Soya Silos
Waldorf-Astoria Hotel
Whitby Psychiatric Hospital
Wychwood Carhouse
York University (southern tunnels, new door, to the pool),