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Journal: Edgar Occupational Centre

Edgar Occupational Centre (late July 1999): Scumbone received word about the Edgar Occupational Centre from her mother. A visit to an abandoned psychiatric facility (euphemistically named an "occupational centre") sounded perfect for the fear-themed Infiltration 14, so I persuaded Scumbone to spend several hours driving us out to the distant rural community of Edgar so we could drop in.
         After much searching, we found the joint, parked Scumbone's car by the side of the road and snuck onto the lot through the woods so as to avoid the security guard at the front gate. I'd been expecting an ancient, ominous brick structure, but what we found was creepy in a radically different way. What Edgar called an occupational centre was a very large, entirely abandoned community for crazy people, featuring more than a hundred homes, schools, community centres, recreation facilities and the like. Except for the uncut lawns, the slightly unkept look to the buildings, and the lack of people and cars, it looked just like a regular suburban subdivision.
         Something about the place was very creepy to me; maybe it was the need to travel in well-lit open spaces with a security guard nearby, or maybe it was the post-neutron bomb feel of the area. The whole place had been extremely well-maintained since being abandoned, and with every door was locked and every window intact there really wasn't much exploring to do, so I convinced Scumbone that we should call it an early day.

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