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Journal: A Peek Under Central Tech

the wide steam tunnels under Central Tech Central Tech steam tunnels (14 April 1999): I'd heard lots of lovely rumours about the basements of Central Tech, an immense, castle-like high school in western Toronto. Some of its students believed the basement contained an Olympic-sized pool and a rifle range, and obviously I was very eager to find out the truth. After a few preliminary trips, I found an easy entrance into the steam tunnels (e-mail me for details). The tunnels are temperate and wide, but unfortunately they are quite uncomfortable due to the very low ceilings and the abundance of low-hanging pipes and vents. I toured around for around half an hour, coming across some high voltage rooms, some interesting storage areas filled with old desks and chairs, a small underground lake, an easy entrance into the school's very large ventilation shafts, and a ladder down to a lower level. When I saw the ladder to the lower level, I knew I had to call my friend Renee to come and join me, but unfortunately just after I had exited the tunnels and propped a door to the system open, a janitor walked by and closed the door properly. So I'll have to go back down and check out the second underground level another time.

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