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Journal: York's Southern Tunnels

Determined to find some way into the southern tunnel system, Pablo and I pried up the grate in the floor and headed under the hallway that was blocking our progress. We found only a few bits of graffiti in the southern tunnels, including a spray-painted memorial to some past tunneller who was also, apparently, a vampire.
York U's Southern Tunnels (fall 1998): Shortly after Infiltration 4 was released, Pablo and I finally found the utility tunnel network under the southern end of York University's campus. Walking past the entrance to the regular old northern set of tunnels one night, I bodyslammed it and it heaved open with the same enormous and triumphant screech of metal that had signaled the beginning of previous adventures. It was pitch black, so we hauled out our flashlights and began looking for any route wed missed to the south, but all roads led north. Then we noticed that some of the water and steam pipes plunged under the tunnel floor and seemed to continue south. We shone our flashlights through the thin grates of the metal floor and realized that the pipes were traveling through an underground shaft big enough for us to crawl through. We lifted off one of the grates and Pablo lowered himself down with one of the flashlights. He returned a couple minutes later with two pieces of good news: the tunnel went somewhere, and hed found somebody elses working flashlight!
       I hopped under the grates and we pressed ourselves as close to the dusty ground as possible as we crawled underneath the floor and the pipes. After a few minutes we came to a pit of dirty orange water with a ledge above it. We eagerly hoisted ourselves up onto the ledge and quickly realized that this was it: the northern tip of the southern tunnel network! Trying to stop ourselves from singing out loud with joy, we headed south to explore this wonderful new maze. The construction made it obvious the southern network had been built at the same time as our home tunnels, though there was far, far less graffiti. We explored for several hours, finding much loveliness.

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