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Journal: Bessarion Station

In the back corner of the muddy pit, we found a ladder leading down to a little lighted tunnel, which in turn led to another ladder and staircase heading down.
Sheppard Subway construction (November 2000): Liz and I decided to check on the progress of Toronto's new subway line and some of its stations-to-be. Starting out around the future Bessarion station late one night, we peeled back some fence and climbed down into a large pit. Looking around a little, we found a ladder leading down a storey to a hidden tunnel, leading to a hidden staircase down two storeys to some nice round tunnels.

       After taking some pictures and reclining on the tracks for a bit, we headed east along the line until we got to Leslie station, which seems to be the most developed of the various new stations. We spend something approaching an hour here poking into all the various nooks and crannies, crawling underneath the platform, surverying mechanical rooms, examining TTC blueprints and maps, and marvelling at the giant disconnected escalators which had been freshly imported from Germany. We have no idea how they got these monstrous machines down here. We then left the same way we came in. (Liz has a more photo-intensive account of this trip at Viewing Hole Gallery.)

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