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Journal: Lawrence Attic

the sauna in Lawrence's attic Lawrence Attic (9 April 1999): Leftist and I were taking the subway home from an evening of exploring and he asked me to show him the "attic" area above Lawrence Station. So we got off the train at Lawrence and waited around for the platform to clear, but I noticed that these two other guys, dressed in black, had ignored both the northbound and the southbound trains. I mentioned to Leftist that if it wasn't so far-fetched an idea I'd think they were planning on heading into the tunnels too. We stood near them and Leftist eavesdropped on their conversation a bit and then reported to me, "Yep, they're going." So after the next northbound train left the platform we started heading towards the Do Not Enter gates, and as we passed the two guys, I said casually, "You guys coming?"  They sort of looked at each other confused for a second and then joined us. The four of us then had a fun trip into the attic, and even discovered some bizarre uncharted bits (rooms containing picnic tables and showers, for some reason) behind a door that had always been locked on previous expeditions.
        One of the fellows introduced himself as Pyroartist and invited me to come draining with him in the near future. I told him I'd take him up on that.

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