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Journal: Chair Warehouse

Redux and I were delighted to realize that the people confronting us were fellow explorers. We then enjoyed the chair museum.
Chair Warehouse (May 2004): While wandering and scouting at random during the daytime, Redux Zero had stumbled upon an abandoned chair warehouse. Not wanting to do anything too obvious during daylight hours, Redux and I amused ourselves elsewhere until sunset and then headed off to find a way into the old factory.
      Improvising an awkward route in with a little difficulty, Redux and I finally found ourselves alone in the unlit factory at night. But we hadn't even had a chance to fish out our flashlights when we spotted a red LED and a white flashlight beam coming through the darkness towards us. As Redux related to me afterwards, his first thought was, "Damn, we don't even have a chance to run."
      My first thought, however, was, "What a weird coincidence." The two people weren't security guards but fellow explorers Avatar-X and Legion. After introductions and a brief discussion of the building's entrances and security issues, we split up temporarily so Redux and I could tour the wonderfully musty and dark basement and the assorted floors of chairs. The place was really more like a chair museum than a chair factory, as among the thousands of chairs there it would be very difficult to find three of a kind. There were also some cool machines and nice signs to be found.
      Finally, the four of us met up again to enjoy the nighttime view from the roof for a while. It was a pretty perfect night.

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