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Journal: Discovery of D6

Union Station - D6 (March 2002): Union Station sure is changin' these days. After peeking at some mezzanine-level construction, Liz and I headed down to the lower levels of the station to see what was new. Hertz is gradually annexing larger and larger chunks of the garages, so the place is much more yellow than it used to be. Some of the ramps have been repaved. Along one of those ramps, Liz and I stumbled upon a door set halfway up the wall, beyond which we cold see a large, dark cavern.
       Leaping in and wedging the door shut behind us, Liz and I looked around the cavern, which was dimly lit by a few bare lightbulbs hanging from wires. The floor was dirt, and there were piles of dirt and trenches cut into the dirt all around. There was an impressive gallery of abandoned toilets from decades past. I crawled through a small tunnel set into the ground and wound up in a large ventilation shaft which was also set into the dirt. It's amazing how primitive this whole area is; too bad there isn't more to it.

A gallery of abandoned toilets, and a tunnel carved into the dirt and crumbling brick.

After exiting D6, Liz and I went to take a peek at the area that used to connect Union Station to the Air Canada Centre. A large wooden garage door was shut over the old entrance. Liz and I were conjecturing about how that door might be raised to allow cars to drive into the weird Hall of Fords showcase that connects public areas of Union Station and the Air Canada Centre when A VIA employee strolled up to us and told us we weren't allowed in the employee area. Liz quizzed him about the Hall of Fords while he ushered us out. (Liz's pictures of this trip are at Viewing Hole Gallery.)

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