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Journal: Sheppard Station Finale

Sheppard Station — Final Preview? (October 2002): Ah, my dear dear Sheppard subway line. I remember back when I first heard of your planned existence — how excited I was to meet you! And then, when they finally started to build you, how delighted I was to make your acquaintance!
       We've had some good times, no doubt about it. Do you remember when we first met, when you were just a little muddy pit? Those times when I climbed through the viewing hole in order to say hi and investigate your tunnel boring machine? The night when Scumbone and I walked your length, back before you got tracks? When I looked at your western tail tracks? When Liz and I took sneak peeks at Bessarion, Sheppard and Bayview stations-to-be?

It was reassuring to see that the Sheppard workers have the same great sense of humour I noticed back in 1999.

My latest visit was as exciting at my first. Sneaking up through some completely ineffective barriers, I emerged into an empty Sheppard Station, still thoroughly under construction. I noticed some signs warning me to avoid the live third rail, and I avoided security cameras just in case. After touring various back rooms, including a weird windowless break room and an alternate exit out to the street, I headed through a door at the easternmost point of the south side of the platform.

ClassroomBlue Vents
Underneath this bleak break room, large blue vents occupy large chunks of several back rooms.

Fun toys in the basement, and a vent peeking out from the cavern to the in-use part of Sheppard Station.
       The area beyond that door was astoundingly large, and filled with stairs, ladders, rooms, hallways and caverns, entirely fashioned out of concrete. It would be easy for an inattentive traveller to get lost. Almost every space within the multi-level maze was kept dark, but with bright lights that suddenly flashed on the moment they detected motion. I never quite got used to this. After travelling through some beautiful engine rooms and vent rooms, I climbed a large yellow ladder up to a small attic area, only noticing a motion detector set into the wall after it had already blinked hello at me. Shortly after this, I thought I heard CBs below me, and stayed put a little while before climbing back down to meet my fate.
       Either I imagined the noise or my timing was lucky, for I was able to continue exploring unimpeded. Touring an immense empty cavern, which, like the attic above Lawrence, appears to serve absolutely no purpose, I found some vents set into a wall and found I was able to look through them to the already functional portion of Sheppard Station. People were boarding the northbound train about an arm's length away from me, though naturally none of them noticed me.
       After this I fled. I know you're going to be opening to the public once and for all in about a month, Sheppard line, and (deep breath) I'm okay with that. I know that I'll always remember the olden days, when it was just us, and I hope you will too.

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