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Journal: Abandoned Areas at TGH

Toronto General Hospital (January 2002): I had occasion to spend a few weeks as a patient at Toronto General Hospital. While there, the nurses encouraged me to get lots of exercise, so Liz and I decided to do a little exploring.
       For our first trick, we grabbed a service elevator down to the hospital basements and toured some of the lovely service corridors. We'd visited some stretches of these corridors before, and even taken them to some of the other hospitals that are connected to TGH by tunnel, but we saw some nice new bits on this occasion. We visited an old, bordering-on-abandoned section of the hospital basement, where we found a small stretch steam tunnels that unfortunately ended at a locked door just when things were getting interesting. We then took an elevator four storeys up to the top of the hospital's College Wing, which also appeared to be pretty much abandoned. Much of it was devoted to storing garbage or old computer and telephony equipment in large piles on bathroom floors, bathtubs and shower stalls. Nice. (Liz took the nice picture here, and has a few others at Viewing Hole Gallery.)

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