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Journal: Central Tech Tunnels

Central Tech Tunnels (February 2000): When we returned to Toronto, we found our lust for utility tunnels sadly unsatiated, and thus decided to investigate the multiple levels of tunnels beneath Central Technical School.
       Entering the tunnel system through a tiny door at the back of the school's cafeteria that I'd found on a previous trip, we came into a small unlit room filled with food garbage and presumably many insects and rodents. Passing through this disgusting room as quickly as possible, we lowered ourselves down into the steam tunnels. We followed these to the north end of the school, where the steam tunnels stopped and some ventilation shafts started. These looked promising to me, so I asked Liz to give me 10 minutes to take a look.

Lowering myself down into the ventilation tunnel, I was thrilled to see a whole other level below me. I climbed down a ladder and investigated the mechanical room below me, which was filled with some distinctly weird gadgetry. I then noticed a map of the level on a wall nearby and realized there were a good dozen rooms down here... and I only had about eight more minutes to explore them all. I scurried around through storage rooms, janitorial rooms and more mechanical rooms like someone on a shopping spree, taking quick, awfully composed pictures as I went, and praying I didn't run into anyone. When I'd met my time limit, I climbed the ladder and returned to the patiently waiting Liz. We then continued to survey the school's very extensive steam tunnel system, eventually letting ourselves out through one of the many alternate exits (all of which are locked from the other side).

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