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Journal: Meetup One

Construction Under Union Toronto Meetup One (November 2003): I joined some local explorers from the forum for a get together, where I met a lot of people I've exchanged messages with for the first time. They were pretty good.
       After a decent lunch, we headed over to Union Station, where we broke into two groups to explore the station. The group I was with went down, exploring the basements, unused parking garages and new construction for a while, which was mostly uneventful except for the moment when some workers suddenly came out of the door from the steam tunnels with a barking dog. Finding ourselves unable to get down to the tunnels, we arranged to have our comrades let us into the office section of the building, where they were busily exploring the attic, the roof and the gun club.
        The assembled group of us then wound our way down into the steam tunnels, where we took a look at the normally flooded tunnel and the basements of the Royal York before popping out of a grate in the middle of the sidewalk and calling it a day. It was dumb to explore a sensitive site like that with so many people, but it was also pretty damn fun.

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