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Journal: Central Church

Central Church (June 2002): After accidentally locking myself out of my home one night (yes, there are places I can't get into), I decided to kill time by randomly wandering around back alleys of the city. While doing so, I came across a building I see all the time from a different angle and realized that, although it's currently in use as a business, what it really is is a church, and thus I had duty to explore it.
       The door to the lovely old building was open and several different classes were operating in different areas of the church. Starting in the basement, I gradually worked my way up until I came across what appeared to be a closet containing a very steep wooden staircase (almost a ladder, really) leading up. Although the closet was totally unlit and I didn't have a flashlight with me, I couldn't pass up the opportunity, so I did my best in the dark. I imagine I'll wind up telling the full story in some future issue of Infiltration so I won't give all the details here, but after a very slow and difficult ascent I was finally able to make it up into the rafters and out onto the roof before quickly retreating from the building.

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