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Infilnews 10, June 2001

Detroit Man Loves Buses, Too
A Detroit Department of Transportation employee, already suspended from duty for "indiscretions" such as disrobing while on city buses, stole two DDOT buses in one night this past February. Both incidents occurred while the drivers of the stolen buses paused for restroom or food breaks. The identity of the Detroit bus joyrider was not disclosed.

RT-10 Rest in Peace
December 8, 2000, marked the end of a garbage collection era for the Toronto Transit Commission when half of the renowned garbage train combo (made up of cars RT-10 and RT-9) fell victim to a terrible fire while collecting trash from Old Mill Station. Charred and welded to the tracks, the remains of RT-9 had to be lifted by crane from the (thankfully) outdoor tracks and hauled away for disposal. Scarred and alone, RT-10 was towed to safety and has been retired. Following the incident, the TTC elected to discontinue garbage train service altogether, and is now collecting trash from ugly piles outside each station entrance.

He's Not a Doctor, but he Plays One All Over
"I want the whole world to know I never intended to kill anyone," said infiltrator Malachi Stearley after pleading guilty to impersonating a phsyician's assistant. Sentenced in Jacksonville, Florida this past April, "Doctor" Stearley admitted to having impersonated medical professionals in at least two hospitals in Seattle, WA and three in Jacksonville. Enjoying the respect and admiration awarded him when playing doctor, Stearley managed to repeatedly convince hospital security and staff that he was an MD, including talking his way into having an ID card issued at one Seattle medical centre. Stearley claims that aside from one incident of administering CPR to a patient, he mostly perpetrated the gig because it was fun to get away with, and he could steal stuff. (Thanks to Leep for this story.)

Delaware Wants the Subway Reef
What's not good enough for New York, New Jersey and Maryland is certainly good enough for Delaware, at least as far as 400 decomissioned New York subway cars are concerned. The Metropolitan Transit Authority's proposal to sink 400 of its disused cars into the Atlantic Ocean as part of an artifical reef drew opposition in its home and other states due to concerns about asbestos and lead, but Delaware is convinced the trains will benefit local fishing. (Thanks to LB for this story.)

Man Seeks 15 More Minutes
Former cast member of the New Orleans "Real World" TV show on MTV Jamie Murray was arrested this month after bungee-jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge. Now the founder of a San Francisco outdoor sports company, Murray faces fines of up to $10,000 and community service for his jump.

Man Seeks Someone Else's Remaining Minutes
A New York man got a taste of the high life this April while impersonating Guns'n'Roses drummer Steven Adler at a New York City hotel for a week. Paying his way around the city with a stolen credit card, John Harlin is charged with stealing about $14,000. Adler, no longer very famous, was too flattered to press impersonation charges.

Second Detroit-Windsor Bridge Proposed
A private company has proposed the construction of a new $600,000,000 bridge spanning the Detroit river between Windsor, Ontario, and Detroit, Michigan, one of the busiest border crossings between the United States and Canada. The proposed bridge would be erected a few miles south of the Ambassador Bridge. Plans for bungee-jumping and dropping cars off the side of the bridge have not yet been disclosed. (Thanks to Slappy for this item.)

Call for Submissions
The theme originally planned for Infiltration #17 was religious buildings, but after many months it has finally become clear that churches are generally easy to access, but lacking interesting spots to explore. It seems the crypts are always kept locked. Switching to plan B, Infiltration #17 will cover heights, with a focus on towers. If you have interesting stories relating to off-limits exploration of water towers, observation towers, communication towers or any other sort of tall pointy thing, please get in touch.

We welcome and encourage contributions to Infilnews. Please send comments and submissions for future issues of Infilnews to

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