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Infilnews 8, March 2000

Appeal for Contributions
The next issue of Infiltration (#16) is the second volume of stories about infiltrators getting caught in the act. These issues are even more dependent on submissions than the rest, so if you've got a tale of being nabbed, please get in touch with me ( Thanks!

For the Love of the Game?
Christopher Michael Camp, 21, introduced himself to administrators at Hutchinson Beach Elementary School as Florida Marlins pitcher Bill Jones and asked if he and his teammates could speak to an assembly for students at the school.
        But after Camp showed up to the assembly for third-, fourth- and fifth-grade students alone, and was unable to answer many of the students' questions about professional baseball or the Miami-based baseball team, principal Joel Armstrong became suspicious. "I got on the Internet, looked up the roster, and the next day called to verify with the Marlins organization... and he wasn't a member of their organization," Armstrong said. "He seemed a little dense, but you know, that's not unusual with some ballplayers."
        After Armstrong reported the incident, Panama City Beach police found Camp and let him off with a trespass warning. Police said Camp was bored with his life and just looking for a little attention. (Thanks to Liz for this story.)

A Happy Accident
Writing from Rotterdam, Petr Kazil reports: "Last weekend [29-30 January] a Metro carriage lost both motors and was derailed. When the rescue team arrived they found the carriage empty. The passengers had smashed a window and had walked out through the metro-tunnel. Yes, the gorgeous, long, metro-tunnel under the river (near Zalmplaat). What a lucky bastards!
        "Later I heard that you should take care when leaving a derailed train. The carriage could carry 750V from a broken third rail. Never put one foot on the ground and one in the carriage is such a situation."

Date Announced for Souterrains 3
Marko Andreis writes: "Dear colleagues, I have a privilege to inform you that The 3rd International Symposium on Souterrains will take place in Croatia in the National Park Paklenica. The Symposium is planned to begin on 15th of September and to end on 19th of September 2000.... If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Looking forward to hearing from you."         Marko can be contacted by mail by writing Marko Andreis, Prilaz Ivana Visina 3, HR-10020, ZAGREB, CROATIA, or by e-mail at

Final Farewells to the Kingdome
Seattle's Kingdome is scheduled to be demolished this month, and the stadium's imminent demise has inspired area explorers to give the difficult-to-penetrate building a final attempt.         Posing as a construction worker, a skateboarder was able to slip past workers and site security made his way to the top of the dome and succeeded in skating down the roof. His exploits were captured on videotape and aired on local news stations.         The number of security guards on site has now been doubled, and access is rumoured to be limited to workers with special ID badges. Employees of the Turner Construction Company said they will seek to prosecute the adventurer if he's caught. (Thanks to Liz for this story.)

Urban Exploration Ring Tops 70 Member Sites
The Urban Exploration Ring continues to grow at an impressive rate. Recent new additions include sites about the abandoned Northhampton State Hospital, the never-used Cincinnati subway line, "illicit sites" in Ohio, subterranean Berlin, tunnels under Alaska, and various sites around San Francisco Bay, as well as the more artistically-inclined Different Places and Motel 666. The ring can be reached through or any other member site.

Hope you enjoyed this installment. If you have any comments, corrections, questions, suggestions or submissions for Infilnews, please get in touch.

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