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Infilnews 3, March 1999

Skinny Dippers Murder Snails
Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada -- Eight young hotel workers have been fined $1,000 each after they took an early-morning skinny-dip in the historic Cave and Basin hot pool and in the process killed hundreds of protected snails. "What you have done is disturb a very environmentally sensitive area," Provincial Court Judge John Reilly told the pool crashers. "You weren't supposed to swim there [and] it was harmful." The judge failed to add that swiming with a bunch of snail corpses is just gross.

Air Canada Centre Opened
Toronto, Ontario, Canada -- Toronto's stupid hockey team has officially abandoned the beaux-arts Maple Leaf Gardens in favour of the pre-fabricated new Air Canada Centre. In mid-February, the Air Canada Centre opened as the newest and southernmost point on Toronto's PATH underground walkway.
        In this humble reporter's opinion, the new building actually looks pretty good on the inside. It isn't ridiculously secure either -- I snuck in during a game without any trouble, and it's still quite easy to enter the abandoned parking garages mentioned in Infiltration 12.

New on the Urban Exploration Ring
Internetland -- Petr Kazil has announced an Urban Exploration Case Study. The goal is plan a mission between the two Rotterdam, Netherlands train stations of Rotterdam-Hofplein and Rotterdam-Bergweg atop the train viaduct. Pictures, maps and contest details can all be found at Petr's site ( He promises a prize of something worthless but interesting to the winning entries.
        Recent additions to the Urban Exploration Ring include Iowa State Steam Tunnels, Detroit - The Motorless City , Michigan Grand Central Station, Penn State Underground, Zone-Tour and Transit Tunnels in Washington, D.C. There are now 31 sites in the ring.

Hope you enjoyed this edition of Infilnews! If you have any comments, corrections, questions, suggestions or submissions, please get in touch. Sorry about the Canadian bias this issue -- you Americans and overseas types will just have to send in more stories.

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