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1. A peek beyond the posh exterior of Toronto's fanciest hotel, a one-night adventure into the off-limits areas of MuchMusic, CityTV and more.

2. The Guts of St. Michael's Hospital, A Guide to Ignoring Warning Signs, a look at an abandoned factory in small-town Ontario.

3. An interview with the former head of security for the Hudson's Bay Centre, an infiltration of the HBC, and a guide to overcoming the evils of security cameras.

4. An interview with Ben Hines about tunneling in Southern California, an expedition into the massive tunnel system below York University, and other tunneling features.

5. Exploring Toronto's new LRT tunnels, a tour of Toronto's subway tunnels and stations, and a profile of Toronto's two abandoned subway stations.

6. Tips and tricks that allowed Infiltration staff to take a dip in over 20 of Toronto's nicest hotel pools, and a three-day blitz of pool and party crashing in Dallas, Texas.

7. The allure of abandoned buildings; a look at abandoned malting plants, generating stations and warehouses; a trip to an abandoned missile silo.

8. Danger and deviousness at Toronto City Hall and the tale of our chase to the Royal York's new 19th floor.

9. Eurotunneling special, featuring the subway tunnels under Milan, caves, catacombs and WW2 bunkers under Paris, and abandoned railways under Glasgow.

10. A special issue of reader letters about getting caught. Infiltrators from around the world relate the tales of how they were caught in the act, how they dealt with it, and what happened in the end.

11. Ninj's tale of his first eight storm drains, an interview with FiL of the Australian Cave Clan, Peter Sand's tale of extreme Minnesota draining gone horribly wrong.

12. Train stations and tunnels around the Great Lakes, particularly the naughty bits of Toronto's Union Station and the large network of abandoned train tunnels under Chicago.

13. A look at construction sites, featuring a tour of Toronto's under-construction Sheppard Subway line, the Festival Hall entertainment complex, and a guide to dressing and packing for trips to construction sites.

14. A look at fear and what makes certain infiltrations scary. Locales covered include an abandoned missile silo in Roswell, New Mexico, the tunnels under Toronto's Degrassi High and a sanitarium in Saskatchewan.

15. Infiltration takes to the sea, exploring ferries in BC, tankers in Hamilton harbour, an abandoned floating restaurant near St. Catharines and an oil spar in the North Sea.

16. A new volume of caught stories offers a horrific new crop of tales of noble explorers persecuted by security guards, police and other card-carrying members of the forces of evil.

17. An issue focusing on buildering features stories of infiltrators scaling structures in Toronto, Ontario; Wellington, New Zealand; Rotterdam, the Netherlands; and New York City, New York.

18. A fresh look at many of the places explored in past issues looks at how they've changed over the years and speculates on what role the zine has played in those changes.

19. The Houses of the Holy issue takes a thorough look over, under, around and through the secret spaces of churches in Toronto, Paris, Lansing and Bangkok.

20. A tour of the exploration paradise that lies beneath Minneapolis-St. Paul, showcasing some of the most spectacular finds of explorers like Jim Hollison, Max Action, Danarchy and Greg Brick, including the St. Paul Labyrinth and the Old Bank Cave.

21. An in-depth case study of how the nut that is the University of Toronto was cracked over the course of several years, featuring escapades in the tunnels, on the rooftops and inside the secret spaces of Canada's largest learning institution.

22. Caught Stories Volume Three, the first post 9/11 collection of caught stories and also the longest yet, features an unusual number of tales of guns being drawn and people going to jail simply for exploring.

23. An ode to the many wonders of the mammoth Toronto General Hospital, including its steam tunnels, abandoned buildings and construction sites.

24. A thorough investigation of various arenas and stadia across North America.

25. A sampling of military leftovers, from abandoned missle silos to Antarctic outposts. 

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