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This page is a good place to buy the book Access All Areas, complete sets of the zine, or one of the newest batch of Infiltration t-shirts.

Shipping is included in all prices. We apologize for having to increase our prices to keep up with constantly escalating US Mail shipping costs.

Please allow a week or two before becoming too worried your order...we will do our best to ship it promptly, but occasionally we need to reprint a back issue or two, and if you are outside the US the mail can go quite slowly. Thank you for reading!

Book and Back Issue Mega-Bundle


Get all 25 issues of Infiltration Zine and the Access All Areas paperback together at a special price and save money!

Select country to ship to:

Access All Areas Book (2023 Printing)

Access All Areas
Access All Areas: A User's Guide to the Art of Urban Exploration is available for direct order from us, the publishers. This book is $20 USD postpaid in the USA. Due to the frighteningly high cost of shipping, we are forced to charge $30 US to ship to Canada, and $35 US for overseas orders. Shipping is included.

Currently in its sixth edtion!
Select Country to Ship To:
Order ships in about a week.


Comfy Tee Shirt

Receive a heavyweight, cotton t-shirt with a silkscreened logo designed to last for a decade or longer — these aren't flimsy, iron-on shirts. Now available in handsome, explorer-friendly black. (We may have a few white or XS shirts lying around, write to inquire about those if interested. Costs $20 postpaid in the USA, or $25 postpaid in Canada and overseas.

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Full Back Issue Set

Receive a big package containing all 25 issues published since the zine's debut in 1996, in their original ziney format. Shipping is included.
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Order ships in 1-2 weeks depending on if any zines are low in stock.