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May 2020


Pandemic Update: Despite the abandoned nature, this website is still active. We maintain this site in memory of Ninjalicious' (1973-2005) groundbreaking and charistmatic work within the field of Urban Exploration. The webstore remains open, and yes there is a human on the other end.

We don't add new stories anymore, but we do continue to offer Ninj's publications, which remain worthy and entertaining reading for the active urban explorer and exploricurious both. You can pick up a set of all 25 back issues of Infiltration Zine + Access All Areas for $65 postpaid in the USA. You may also individually purchase the book, Access All Areas, or the zine set, on its own—or a handsome t-shirt. Order here in the Order Hut. Pandemic-times shipping may be a bit slow, but we're out here.

The book is also available through Powells Books or In Toronto, you can always buy books and back issues of Infiltration zine and the Access All Areas book from our good friends at The Beguiling (now located at 319 College Street), and in New York City, from our good friends at Quimby's Bookstore, 536 Metropolitan Avenue in Brooklyn. If either of these shops are low on something, just ask them to get more!
NinjRIP Ninjalicious
Ninjalicious, the founder of this website and Infiltration zine passed away in 2005. The website is maintained both in his memory and in the spirit of exploration.