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Australia and New Zealand

Abandoned New Zealand - Nice pictures and descriptions of abandoned industrial sites around New Zealand.
Canberra Cave Men - Some information on drains in Canberra, site now abandoned with good reason.
Cave Clan - The home base of the largest group of urban explorers in the world, featuring tons of pictures and information on drains and other targets in Australia.
Cave Clan Adelaide - Most of the links here are broken.
Desolate Structures - Writing and photography related to abandoned buildings in the Melbourne area.
Ikon Visual - Photo galleries of abandoned industrial sites in southern Australia (currently down, hopefully temporarily).
Sleepy City - The best urban exploration photography site there is. The captions could be better, but the images could not.
Sydney Cave Clan - One of the biggest and best-looking UE sites on the web, unsuccessfully censored by the Australian government.
Tunnel Rats - The homepage of a subterranean exploration group based in Sydney.
Urbanadventure - A somewhat tacky but very large site featuring a wide variety of sites in Melbourne and beyond.
Urban Exploration Australia - A really terrible site featuring about 10 photos and not much else.
Urban Glow - A collection of gorgeous pictures of underground and abandoned locations around Sydney.
Urbex - The home of the Sydney Cave Clan's Urbex e-zine, featuring articles about local explorers, local drains and tunnels, and more.
Visions from the Underworld - Orchy's images of the hidden world beneath Sydney.